ALIVE!™ Rifle Gunfighting 9/22/19

ALIVE!™ Rifle Gunfighting 9/22/19


ALIVE!™ Rifle Gunfighting 101
Waco, TX
Sep 22, 2019

You know how to "operate" your rifle, but do you know how to fight with it?

At this course students will be immersed in the "fighting" context of a rifle gunfight. Using both live-fire and airsoft Force-on-Force drills students will put their skills and gear to the test in:

-Reactive Gunfight
-CQB Cornering
-Opposed Open Engagements (<100m)
-Rifle Retention and Struggles
-In and Around Vehicles
-360 Degree Engagements

Students will be instructed in ALIVE!™ solutions to these rifle gunfighting situations and then retested in a challenging culminating event. This well-paced and challenging training will significantly expand your ability to prevail in the gunfight.

As always, ALIVE!™ training will be focused on gunfighting, not just "shooting". Airsoft, paintballs, and/or other methods will be used to ensure training is properly pressurized, resistant opponents will be used where appropriate.

Training will be led by Steve Miles. Steve is a full-time combatives instructor, retired soldier, and combat veteran. He founded the ALIVE!™ system in 2012 and co-founded the Central Texas Combatives Training Group in 2009.


1. Possess functional and safe rifle operation skills, to include magazine changes and malfunction clearance.

2. Hold a Plank Knuckle Pushup for one minute. It's shown pretty well here: 9 (Ask about alternate event if unable to knuckle plank due to injury etc)

3. Starting from lying flat on your back holding your rifle, get up to standing without touching the ground with your hands, arms, or rifle.

Gunfighting is a fight, and fighting is physical, so here's the deal: everyone will be asked to demonstrate Prerequisites 2 and 3 ("Plank 1-min" and "Get up to Standing") Saturday morning before training begins. One attempt, no do-overs, no alibis, no refunds and no hard feelings. Really, you can do this stuff. If you need coaching between now and the seminar it's available at no cost (live or via Skype/FaceTime).

Rifle with 4 mags and 300 rds
Magazine Carrier/Vest/Rig/etc, some way of carrying at least three rifle mags.
Tourniquet (will be used for training purposes)
Eye/Ear protection for range
Knee pads, sunscreen, hat, rain gear, and other protective gear as your body might require.

Cost: Just $150 for 8-hours of superb training.

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