ALIVE!™ is a fighting system that prioritizes the use of weapons for personal defense. Using a contextual training methodology that builds skill fast, ALIVE!™ asserts that to learn to fight effectively one must fight an “alive” opponent early and often in training. ALIVE!™ was founded and trademarked in 2012 by Steve Miles as ALIVE! Gunfighting®, and in 2014 was broadened to incorporate knife, stick, improvised weapons, and empty hands skills into a single unified system. ALIVE!™ represents the fusion of Steve Miles’ military training expertise, martial arts, combatives training, and his combat experience. ALIVE!™ offers extraordinary personal defense training that produces extraordinary results.





Workshops and seminars are a great way to build and sustain your skills. Most ALIVE! events include opposed Force-on-Force drills that will test your existing skills and show you a path ahead for additional training.



When you need the most efficient learning on your own schedule, private instruction with an ALIVE! instructor is the answer.


Recurring CLASSES

ALIVE! Training Groups offer recurring weeknight and weekend classes where you can develop deep skill.

Context is everything.