Course MENU

ALIVE! offers a variety of self-defense classes and workshops presented both in-house and exported to your location. Contact us when you are ready to become more capable of defending yourself and others. 



C.L.A.W.S.™ Women's Personal Defense Workshop



This course presents highly effective personal defense material tailored for women with minimal or no previous training.
This is not your typical "knee to the groin/keys to the eyes" women's self-defense class. Instead we have taken our most practical and effective material and designed a fun curriculum ideal for fast learning.



  • AWARENESS AND ALERTNESS. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" Gain a deeper understanding of how, where, when, and who criminals select as their victims.

  • AVOIDANCE: What to do when a criminal is approaching. In this crucial time BEFORE they attack there are simple steps you can take to make criminals look elsewhere for a target.

  • MINDSET: What you must do BEFORE carrying pepper spray, a knife, pistol, or other defensive tool.

  • DEFENSIVE TOOL SELECTION: What and how women actually carry to defend themselves and their families. You will be surprised how well these solutions will fit with what you wear and where you go.

  • C.L.A.W.S.™: "Cut Like A Woman Should." This is our very simple-to-learn method of defensive fighting using a knife or any pointy object.



“Turning the Tables”

defensive primer



"This person in front of me looks like he might attack, what should I do?" Unfortunately, the answer is rarely as simple as "shoot him". Worse, once you are already under violent attack, drawing and deploying your own weapon may take you the rest of your life.

At this fundamental class students will learn how to avoid and deter criminal assaults before they happen. If an attack is unavoidable, students will learn how to seize the initiative and prevail during violent criminal assaults using empty hands, knife, pistol, or other defensive tools.

Training will culminate in a pressurized "hard contact" check on learning. Students will receive feedback on defensive tool selection, carry methods, and recommended additional training.



  • Avoidance: how to not be selected as a target.

  • Managing Potential Assaults: a single set of actions that will make you a hard target and encourage criminals to deselect you as a victim.

  • Connecting: mental management and holding intention that allows you to decisively attack an attacker.

  • Accessing Basics: best practices for getting your weapon out when you are already under attack.

  • "Getting out of the hole": how to regain footing and press a counterattack in the event you begin to backpedal away from an attacker.



Defensive Knife 101



Whether you carry a knife for personal defense or just want to know how to deal with a knife-armed attacker, this class is for you.

At this event we will examine, using resisting opponents, the context of common knife attack situations. You will understand the challenge, and we will provide solutions for use with your own knife, pistol, or other defensive tool. BEGINNERS AND EXPERIENCED WELCOME.

Seeing a full-speed knife attack for the first time, or just getting a re-innoculation, either way this class will provide valuable feedback on just where your skills and gear are now and where they can improve. We will also discuss considerations for defensive knife carry.

We will provide training knives, dummy pistols, and other safety gear. You may bring your own EDC knife if you carry one.



  • Students will experience and receive instruction on situations including:

    -a knife holdup

    -sudden close range knife assault

    -mutual spontaneous knife fight

    -clinches with knives

    -knife vs pistol

  • Drawing and deploying a knife

  • Accessing a knife while under attack

  • Mental management and holding intention

  • Live blade cutting demo






You have heard of the "21 foot rule", been told not to "bring a knife to a gunfight", but have you actually tried to draw and shoot a full-speed knife attacker? In a gunfight you need to get your gun out fast, but exactly how will you do it when someone is already shooting at you? You know you should seek cover in a gunfight, but then what?

This class presents an inoculation and immersion into the FIGHTING part of the gunfight.

Solutions will be presented and students will be encouraged to come to their own conclusions. Students will receive feedback on their skills, gear selection, and gear placement.

Anyone who carries a pistol for personal defense absolutely needs this course.



  • Using airsoft pistols, students first will experience and react to situations including:

    -a knife attack

    -sudden close range gunfight

    -multiple opponent reactive gunfight.

    -gunfighting in and around cover.

  • Drawing from concealment

  • One-handed shooting

  • Alternate sighting methods

  • Shooting on the move

  • Fighting from cover

We will provide all required gear for this course. You may wish to bring your own holster if you routinely carry a pistol.



Rifle Gunfighting 101



You know how to "operate" your rifle, but do you know how to fight with it?

At this course students will be immersed in the "fighting" context of a rifle gunfight. Using both live-fire and airsoft Force-on-Force drills students will put their skills and gear to the test.

Students will be instructed in ALIVE!™ solutions to these rifle gunfighting situations and then retested in a challenging culminating event. This well-paced and challenging training will significantly expand your ability to prevail in the gunfight.

As always, ALIVE!™ training will be focused on gunfighting, not just "shooting". Airsoft, paintballs, and/or other methods will be used to ensure training is properly pressurized, resistant opponents will be used where appropriate.

Round Count: 300rds Rifle



  • Deploying Rifles in a Reactive Gunfight

  • CQB Cornering

  • Opposed Open Engagements (<100m)

  • Rifle Retention and Struggles

  • In and Around Vehicles

  • 360 Degree Engagements



"Facing the Blade" Empty Hands Knife Defense



Maybe you carry a gun, maybe a knife too, but when faced with a knife attack at very close range you may not be able to immediately get to your own weapon. Maybe you are a bouncer, work in a correctional facility or hospital, or are at some other place where you are not allowed to carry your own weapon. In these situations you need a simple and effective method to deal with criminal knife attacks.

This course addresses attacks along the full spectrum of pressure. From the “worst case“ situation where an attacker is already at close range, driving forward, too close for any sort of parry, to reluctant attackers who are displaying their knife but not delivering committed attacks.

Because this is an ALIVE! class, the skills and tactics you learn will dovetail right into any gun or knife training you may already have. Instruction incorporates fully resistant opponents to both provide you with realistic context and a check on your learning.

This class is physical, but the skills don't rely on superior physical strength to make them work. Beginners to experienced students are welcome to attend.



  • Full-speed opposed testing

  • Effective solutions at all pressures

    -Reluctant Attacker

    -Jabbing/Picking Attacker

    -Fluid Flowing Combinations

    -Maximum Intent Rush

    -Clinches and Struggles

  • Strategy and Context

  • Mental management: holding intention

  • Disarms

  • Control and recovery



“Dirt AND Steel”

Groundfighting workshop



It's an often repeated adage that most fights end up on the ground. Combatives Training Group is proud to present a new extended-length 7-hour version of our very popular "Dirt and Steel" course.

At this workshop we will examine the use of weapons in the groundfighting realm and provide functional solutions. Using knife and pistolwe will find common strategies for accessing our weapons and effectively employing them to finish the fight. We will use the Force-on-Force paradigm, where resistant training partners will evaluate your skills and validate your learning hands-on.

In this new extended format we will spend more time making sure you deeply functionalize the skills and concepts being taught, as well as cover some new material.

We will provide training knives, sticks, and padded mats to train on. "Train as you fight": You should wear clothing and bring holsters and other gear as you would during your daily routine.



  • Context: participate in oppositional drills to experience the ground fighting problem.

  • Defending strikes and stabs while mounted.

  • Fundamental sweeps and escapes from common pin situations.

  • Tactics and techniques fighting with and against weapons on the ground.

  • Accessing weapons while mounted, in guard, and other positions.

  • Contact/Point-Blank Shooting Considerations and Techniques

  • Getting Up. Best practices for when and how to regain your feet.



Retention, Struggling, and Strikes



"He's trying to grab my gun!"

As an armed civilian or solo LEO, you can expect your gunfight to be very up close and personal. Losing control of your firearm in a fight leads to a very bad outcome, and there are times when you need to prevent your opponent from accessing their pistol or swiftly disarm your opponent in the midst of a struggle.

At this workshop we will examine the context of struggling once the gunfight is underway. (not "hold-ups")



  • Learn effective counters to grabs on your deployed pistol

  • Develop skills to prevent an attacker from taking your weapon from its holster

  • Learn how to quickly and efficiently escape restraining wrist grabs on your firing hand

  • Explore and understand when your fast draw isn't fast enough and you must go for your opponent's pistol first

  • Learn how to take a weapon from your opponent during a struggle

  • Develop skills to use a pistol as an impact weapon in the close-up struggle







"Honey, wake up, I heard something!"

In a two-way gunfight within a structure, every corner is a potential skirmish and "he who sees first" wins. At this event you will be immersed in this unforgiving environment using airsoft pistols and live fire. You will understand the context of gunfighting inside structures, as well as learn fundamental tactics and techniques to survive and prevail.

This material IS NOT rehashed SWAT team tactics, but is instead specifically tailored to the lone civilian or solo LEO who must fight inside a structure.

We will provide all required force-on-force gear.

Day 2 will be live fire at a shoothouse where the techniques will be performed live fire with pistols. This will be a very intense session that will both challenge you and cement your ability to perform these tasks under pressure.

Round Count: 200rds Pistol



  • Mindset

  • CQB Fighting Platform

  • Movement and Searching: Hasty and Deliberate

  • Vertical Displacement and Transitions

  • “Deadly Dozen”: Avoiding Unforced CQB Errors

  • Specific techniques for prevailing in common cornering and entry predicaments.

    All of the above will be taught and validated during multiple force-on-force iterations against fully resistant opponents..



In and Around Vehicles



Carjackings, ATM and gas pump robberies, kidnappings, road rage...there are many potential threat situations that occur in and around our vehicles when simply driving away is impractical or denied.

At this course you will spend two days at the range being immersed into the vehicle gunfight situation. Using both livefire and airsoft you will learn specialized tactics and techniques for prevailing in this challenging environment. You will have the opportunity to shoot through both an actual car door and windshield from inside the vehicle, as well as witness first-hand the actual ballistic effects of live fire shooting into, out of, and through cars with various rifles, pistols, and shotguns. With airsoft pistols (we provide) and fully resistant opponents, you will experience the context of various criminal assaults in Force-on-Force opposition in and around vehicles.

Round Count: 300rds Pistol (10rds carry ammo)



  • Force-on-Force Scenarios

    -Gas Pump Interview

    -Parking Lot Altercation


    -Officer in Distress/Good Samaritan

  • Tactics and Techniques

  • Live Fire Vehicle Ballistic Forensics

  • Ammunition Discussion and Demo



Low Light Primer



At this event we'll be examining the use of pistols for personal defense under low light conditions. We'll start out at an indoor facility where we will first train the basics of fighting in the dark, use of lights, and experience some of the issues involved in low light CQB during airsoft force-on-force evolutions. The following afternoon we will meet and train into the evening using live-fire.

This event is suitable for adults who can safely operate a pistol.

Round Count: 100rds Pistol (recommend some actual carry ammo for night portion to see flash effects)



  • Force-on-Force

  • Vision in low light: physiology and environmental considerations

  • Use of light during search and engagement

  • “7 Deadly Sins of Low Light”: How to avoid the most common unforced errors

  • Shooting techniques with a handheld light

  • Specific tactics for solo CQB in low light



alive! core skills workshop



"One system, all weapons."

At this event participants will broaden their combative skill set in the knife, pistol, and empty hands disciplines.

Topics TBD selected by host.

This class is suitable for anyone who has trained at an ALIVE! course and wants to sustain and broaden their skill set, or others with functional experience in another knife or combatives system.

If you routinely carry a pistol bring the holster.



  • Empty Hands

  • Knife

  • Impact Weapons

  • Improvised/Opportunity Weapons

  • Pistol

  • Other Topics