When you are ready to start building functional personal defense skills we are ready to help. Most of our workshops are suitable for beginners. Students who wish to participate in live fire pistol and rifle classes must be able to demonstrate safe operation of their firearm.



“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” These classes offer the biggest payoff in terms of protection vis a vis time spent, in just a few hours you can be much safer. At these classes you will learn how to make yourself less likely to be approached by a criminal, make a criminal less likely to attack even if he initially decides to approach, and be able to mount a credible defense if you are attacked.

101 Level

In an actual personal defense situation you need to prevail against an opponent who is trying to defeat you. Just learning to operate your firearm and shoot paper targets isn’t enough, nor is just practicing knife strikes and drills with a cooperative partner. Our 101 level classes are an introduction to the “fighting” part of gunfighting and knifefighting that will greatly expand your capability and understanding.

“gap fillers”

In a personal defense situation we are most likely to struggle where we have no experience or training; that is, where there are gaps. Once you have a baseline fighting capability you will want to start “filling the gaps” in your capability with in-depth training to address likely personal defense situations you may face.

Sustain and broaden

There are many opportunities for additional training to refresh and refine skills you have already learned and expand your capability with new skills and applications.