ALIVE!: Pistol Gunfighting 101 w/Live Fire 9/7/19

ALIVE!: Pistol Gunfighting 101 w/Live Fire 9/7/19


ALIVE!: Pistol Gunfighting 101 w/LIVE FIRE

"Accessing and Cornering Basics"

Bertram, TX

Sep 7, 2019 9am-4pm

You have heard of the "21 foot rule", been told not to "bring a knife to a gunfight", but have you actually tried to draw and shoot a full-speed knife attacker? In a gunfight you need to get your gun out fast, but exactly how will you do it when someone is already shooting at you? You know you should seek cover in a gunfight, but then what?

This class presented by Steve Miles will be an inoculation and immersion into the FIGHTING part of the gunfight. Using airsoft pistols, students first will experience and react to situations including:

-a knife attack

-sudden close range gunfight

-multiple opponent reactive gunfight.

-gunfighting in and around cover.

Solutions will be presented and students will be encouraged to come to their own conclusions. Students will receive feedback on their skills, gear selection, and gear placement.

During the afternoon instruction students will receive instruction and perform live fire drills on:

-Drawing from concealment

-One-handed shooting

-Alternate sighting methods

-Shooting on the move

-Fighting from cover

This class is ideal for students who can safely operate a pistol and have their Texas License To Carry permit (or LEO). Anyone who carries a pistol for personal defense absolutely needs this course.

You will need:

Carry Pistol

Concealed Holster/Purse/etc

80 rds and 2 magazines

Eye and Ear Protection

Cost: Just $150 for 7 hours of valuable instruction where we provide all required force-on-force gear.

Seats will be limited, enroll today

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