ALIVE! Gunfighting®: In and Around Vehicles 10/19-20/19

ALIVE! Gunfighting®: In and Around Vehicles 10/19-20/19


ALIVE! Gunfighting®: In and Around Vehicles
Bertram, TX
Oct 19-20, 2019
Hosted by: Serenity Arms

Carjackings, ATM and gas pump robberies, kidnappings, road rage...there are many potential threat situations that occur in and around our vehicles when simply driving away is impractical or denied.

At this two-day course presented by Steve Miles you will spend two days at the range being immersed into the vehicle gunfight situation. Using both livefire and airsoft you will learn specialized tactics and techniques for prevailing in this challenging environment. You will have the opportunity to shoot through both an actual car door and windshield from inside the vehicle, as well as witness first-hand the actual ballistic effects of live fire shooting into, out of, and through cars with various rifles, pistols, and shotguns. With airsoft pistols (we provide) and fully resistant opponents, you will experience the context of various criminal assaults in Force-on-Force opposition in and around vehicles.

You will need:

-Pistol (live), holster, three magazines.
-300rds pistol ammo (with at least one magazine of your defensive ammo).
-Eye and Ear Protection

Cost: Just $300 for two-days of superb instruction.

Don't hesitate, this course will fill.

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