ALIVE! Dirt and Steel Groundfighting Workshop 2/8/20

ALIVE! Dirt and Steel Groundfighting Workshop 2/8/20


ALIVE! Dirt and Steel Groundfighting Workshop
Salado, TX
Feb 8, 2020

It's an often repeated adage that most fights end up on the ground. Combatives Training Group is proud to present a new extended-length 7-hour version of our very popular "Dirt and Steel" course.

At this workshop led by Steve Miles we will examine the use of weapons in the groundfighting realm and provide functional solutions. Using knife and pistolwe will find common strategies for accessing our weapons and effectively employing them to finish the fight. We will use the Force-on-Force paradigm, where resistant training partners will evaluate your skills and validate your learning hands-on.

In this new extended format we will spend more time making sure you deeply functionalize the skills and concepts being taught, as well as cover some new material.

We will provide training knives, sticks, and padded mats to train on. "Train as you fight": You should wear clothing and bring holsters and other gear as you would during your daily routine.

Attendees must bring:
-Body capable of rolling on a padded mat, and being rolled upon.
-Street clothes and soft shoes, no boots.

-Blue/Red/Rubber dummy training pistol.
-Concealed carry holster.
-Aluminum Training Folder Knife

Cost: Just $60 for seven-hours of superb instruction.

Because of mat space constraints, attendance will be limited to 12 students. A Facebook RSVP or post in this thread will not hold your seat, use this link to enroll today!

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