ALIVE!™ Turning the Tables: Defensive Primer 3/14/20

ALIVE!™ Turning the Tables: Defensive Primer 3/14/20


ALIVE!™ "Turning the Tables: Defensive Primer" with Steve Miles
Salado, TX
Saturday, March 14, 2020 10a-4p

"This person in front of me looks like he might attack, what should I do?" Unfortunately, the answer is rarely as simple as "shoot him". Worse, once you are already under violent attack, drawing and deploying your own weapon may take you the rest of your life.

At this fundamental class students will learn how to avoid and deter criminal assaults before they happen. If an attack is unavoidable, students will learn how to seize the initiative and prevail during violent criminal assaults using empty hands, knife, pistol, or other defensive tools.

Students will learn:

-Avoidance: how to not be selected as a target.
-Managing Potential Assaults: a single set of actions that will make you a hard target and encourage criminals to deselect you as a victim.
-Connecting: mental management and holding intention that allows you to decisively attack an attacker.
-Accessing Basics: best practices for getting your weapon out when you are already under attack.
-"Getting out of the hole": how to regain footing and press a counterattack in the event you begin to backpedal away from an attacker.

Training will culminate in a pressurized "hard contact" check on learning. Students will receive feedback on defensive tool selection, carry methods, and recommended additional training.

Cost: Just $69 for six hours of lifesaving instruction.

Seats are limited. A Facebook RSVP alone will not hold your spot. Register here now:

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