ALIVE! Gunfighting®: Fighting Indoors Cornering Primer 4/25-26/20

ALIVE! Gunfighting®: Fighting Indoors Cornering Primer 4/25-26/20


ALIVE! Gunfighting®: Fighting Indoors Cornering Primer
Salado - Waco, TX
April 25-26, 2020

"Honey, wake up, I heard something!"

In a two-way gunfight within a structure, every corner is a potential skirmish and "he who sees first" wins. At this event presented by Steve Miles, you will be immersed in this unforgiving environment using airsoft pistols and live fire. You will understand the context of gunfighting inside structures, as well as learn fundamental tactics and techniques to survive and prevail.

This material IS NOT rehashed SWAT team tactics, but is instead specifically tailored to the lone civilian or solo LEO who must fight inside a structure. Subject matter will include:

CQB Fighting Platform
Movement: Techniques and Considerations
Vertical Displacement
Specific techniques for prevailing in common cornering and entry predicaments.

All of the above will be taught and validated during multiple force-on-force iterations gains fully resistant opponents..

We will provide:
Airsoft Pistol, biodegradeable pellets, gas.
Full-face airsoft mask with fully enclosed goggles (non-mesh lenses)
Dummy/Rubber Pistol
Shooting-type eye protection

Sunday will be live fire at a shoothouse in Waco where the techniques will be performed live fire with pistols. This will be a very intense session that will both challenge you and cement your ability to perform these tasks under pressure.

For Sunday you will need:

3x Magazines
Eye and Ear Protection

COST: Just $200 for two days of training (includes range fees). Seats are limited

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