ALIVE! Facing the Blade 8/8/20

ALIVE! Facing the Blade 8/8/20


ALIVE! Facing the Blade

Empty Hands Knife Defense

Salado, TX

Aug 8, 2020 10a-5pm

Hosted by: Salado Martial Arts

Maybe you carry a gun, maybe a knife too, but when faced with a knife attack at very close range you may not be able to get to your own weapon. Maybe you are a bouncer, work in a correctional facility or hospital, or are at some other place where you are not allowed to carry your own weapon. In these situations you need a simple and effective method to deal with criminal knife attacks.

This course addresses attacks along the full spectrum of pressure. From the “worst case“ situation where an attacker is already at close range, driving forward, too close for any sort of parry, to reluctant attackers who are displaying their knife but not delivering committed attacks.

Because this is an ALIVE! class the skills and tactics you learn will dovetail right into any gun or knife training you may already have. Instruction incorporates fully resistant opponents to both provide you with realistic context and a check on your learning.

This class is physical, but the skills don't rely on superior physical strength to make them work. Beginners to experienced students are welcome to attend.

See y'all then!

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