ALIVE!™ Defensive Knife 101 5/2/20

ALIVE!™ Defensive Knife 101 5/2/20


ALIVE!™ Defensive Knife 101
Saturday, May 5th, 2020 9am-3pm
Hosted by Salado Martial Arts

Whether you carry a knife for personal defense or just want to know how to deal with a knife-armed attacker, this class is for you.

At this event we will examine, using resisting opponents, the context of common knife attack situations. You will understand the challenge, and we will provide solutions for use with your own knife, pistol, or other defensive tool.


Seeing a full-speed knife attack for the first time, or just getting a re-innoculation, either way this class will provide valuable feedback on just where your skills and gear are now and where they can improve. We will also discuss basic considerations for defensive knife carry.

We will provide training knives, dummy pistols, and other safety gear. You may bring your own EDC knife if you carry one.

Cost: Just $69 for six-hours of lifesaving instruction.

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