A L I V E! Gunfighting: AK Rifle Primer 9/21/2019

A L I V E! Gunfighting: AK Rifle Primer 9/21/2019


ALIVE! Gunfighting®: AK Rifle Primer
Waco, TX
Sep 21, 2019 9am-5pm

The AK is the most proliferated rifle in the world, whether or not you own one you are likely to come across one. At this event presented by Steve Miles you can either learn or refresh your skill in handling this ubiquitous rifle and learn core movements of a gunfighting system specific to the close-range gunfights common to LEOs and civilians.

Training will be conducted at a private range just outside of Waco. At this event you will:

-Zero your AK.
-Field strip and maintain your rifle.
-Learn fundamental CQB gunfighting skills with an eye towards balancing mobility, marksmanship, and speed to include:
CQB Fighting Platform
Magazine Change
Shoulder Transition
Vertical and Horizontal Displacement
Malfunction Clearance
-Receive an introduction to the effects of pressure in a gunfight, both on the receiving end and its effects on an opponent.
-Handle and have the opportunity to fire many modern and historical AK variants in multiple calibers.

Following the event we will have a casual dinner at a local establishment.

Cost: $150 for 8hrs of superb instruction. ON SALE FOR $120

Round Count: 100rds minimum, bring more to shoot more. We will be shooting steel targets for a portion of the event so bring at least 20rds of non-steelcore/non-AP/non-M193 ammo.

AKs will be available to rent for $30 with your ammo, or $60 we provide ammo.

This class is suitable for shooters who may be new to AKs but have previously learned how to safely handle a rifle.

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